Contrast assignment

I really wanted to focus on the contrast of 2 opposing forces so I decided to do work vs play. I used my sisters psychology text book and my xbox controller to show the clash between choosing to do homework and choosing to play video games.

For dichotomy I mixed my favorite chip and my favorite cereal together into one picture. I lied the chip bag down and dumped the cereal into place to capture a overflow affect. I only wish I had done it on a better background

I was really stuck between the types of negative but i thought this would be better since it's not as 2D.


  1. Your concepts are so strong, and interesting, love them! The image work could use a little work, more thought into angles and lighting, but the ideas for your dichotomy and contrast are really good. The negative is really well done, not gonna lie it looks a bit dirty but I don't know if that adds to the effect, but I like the more pop-outish look you got. Great work kid.

  2. I really like your dichotomy piece. The dramatic contrast between sweet and spicy is something you would see on combo photo! If I were to reshoot this, I would have the bag been spilled on someone's face with the sweets falling down. Your connotation of contrast is surprising because other's would see contrast in color, texture, etc. and yours is simple yet exceptional. Negative was a hard concept to shoot, but you shot it well. I would personally fill the glass with a complimentary liquid to the background of the image.

  3. the ideas for these images are really cool and bring an interesting concept to all of your images. I really like the contrast image because of the controller being completely dark on white pages really makes the image strong. for dichotomy I think the idea is cool but maybe putting a different background so it won't have ripples in the image but it is overall really cool. for your negative I think the black top and the different types of colors really pull the image all tgether.

  4. All of your pieces look really nice. I like the lighting is on the dichotomy is because it makes it look like it was some sort of an aftermath of a party, or during a party. The contrast is interesting because usually when I think contrast I think of colors and not something like that. Also the negative looks really nice with all of the different shades in the background. I will say though, I wish that the focus was on the cereal coming out of the back of takis.


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