Contrast assignment

Contrast I really wanted to focus on the contrast of 2 opposing forces so I decided to do work vs play. I used my sisters psychology text book and my xbox controller to show the clash between choosing to do homework and choosing to play video games.

Dichotomy  For dichotomy I mixed my favorite chip and my favorite cereal together into one picture. I lied the chip bag down and dumped the cereal into place to capture a overflow affect. I only wish I had done it on a better background

Negative I was really stuck between the types of negative but i thought this would be better since it's not as 2D.

Midterm exam


Photoshop Project

Photoshop Project
The original photo was just the geometric shapes with a colorful tone but i decided to try it with a photo instead and from there came up with the idea to only have one subject under the pattern.
This photo was a little more challenging than I expected it to be.  I wish the top right corner was a little more populated but I love the way it turned out.

4 Photos challenge

I'm tired I was trying to capture multiple levels of circles from the logo to the tire itself.
Cross sectional blinds I saw the reflections and realized that it would reflect the lines on the ceiling and thought it was very cool.
Ball of the bell Originally I intended to capture it from the side of the bell but as I was taking the side picture I thought this would be better and attempted it.
Halfpipe Last but not least, my half picture, when I was walking by the shadow caught my eye and I decided to try from head on and slightly above like this.

Still Life and advertising

As a photographer I learned that things are better when they're planned out and not on the spot. When I did the self evaluation and the editing process there was a lot of work to be 
Advertisement.  I love the contrast between old and new, gross and colorful rough and soft, I think it plays really well with the ad.
Architecture I love the balance between art and reality

Studio portrait I like the focus on the smaller version of the model
Nature A strength I tried to play to was the rule of thirds with the legs 
Nature The biggest strength is the detail of the veins
Animal  The range of colors on the snake and his placement on the models hand.
Studio Portrait I love the sense of eye contact between the snake and the model and the focus on the snakes head
Color I think the strength of this picture is the correlation of green, yellow and orange/red between the flower and the bottle.

Pattern The strength of this picture lies in the focus of the water drops.

Proportion/Scale The strength of this picture is the focus on the glass.
Unity The strength here is the HDR. 
Shape/Form The strength of this picture is between the logos lining up, the contrast between old and new and bright and dull.